Fetish Pads

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“FETISH PAD IS THE ORIGINAL BLACK ABSORBER. A pack of FETISH PAD contains 15 individual black underpads each measuring 60 x 90 cm.It protects furniture and vehicle interiors. It saves time spent cleaning up after a session – simply folds it up and throw it away. It looks good and therefore adds to the atmosphere of a sex session unlike the unattractive clinical appearance of ordinary white underpads. It’s lightweight and portable, perfect for playing away and hotel rooms.IDEAL PROTECTION FOR: SLINGS, BEDS, SOFAS, CARPETS, PARQUET AND CAR INTERIORS.FISTINGFETISH PAD is ideal for fisters because the unique black product helps create a dark sleazy atmosphere. Fisting requires large quantities of water, silicone, and oil-based lubricant and each FETISH PAD can absorb more than a liter, but also protects furniture and carpets.WATERSPORTSLovers of water sports, or golden showers, will also love FETISH PAD. The strong, absorbent pad can be used anywhere and then simply thrown away. Sleazy fun with minimal cleanup!PUPPY PLAYNow a collared puppy has his own special place to eat and drink from his bowl. FETISH PAD completes the set and is the perfect addition to a pet’s corner!FOOD GAMESWhen you’re horny, who wants to think about the furniture?! Absorbent, impermeable and disposable – FETISH PAD is the perfect way to get into the messiest of play.WAX PLAYHot dripping wax can be exciting and pleasurable but cleaning up the dungeon afterward is not so sexy! Black, protective FETISH PAD is the answer. But be careful, FETISH PAD is not fire resistant!CAR SEXYou love your car and you love sex in your car but sometimes the car needs protection! FETISH PAD is the sexy and practical way to protect upholstery from the mess sex can generate.”