Mister B Premium Muzzle Head Harness

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“The Mister B Premium Muzzle Head Harness is the most effective and stunning looking muzzle we have ever made. A fitted comfy padded mouth piece cups the jaw and covers the mouth, but leaves the nose open for easy breathing. The padded muzzle muffles any sound your sub tries to make.Because of its comfort and breathing access, this muzzle head harness is great in use in a long term or even overnight session. When worn over another hood, this muzzle greatly adds to the enclosed feeling, making this muzzle a first class mind fucker.The padded mouth piece is held in place by 5 sturdy saddle leather straps, each one adjustable with a buckle, so this muzzle fits just about anyone’s head.The collar is also padded for extra comfort and features an extra D-ring so you can attach a leash. The extra D-ring on top of the head is not suited for suspension, but quite handy as extra attachment point.As with all the Mister B Premium Bondage products: this muzzle is pad lockable (lock not included).”