Rimba Digital Four Channel Electro Box

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When we saw this electrobox we immediately thought we must have this! It’s a four!!!! channel digital electrobox with a LARGE LCD-screen that tells you exactly which channel is doing what. It is so easy to operate; brilliant! Each channel simply has two buttons for harder and softer, and on the right side you’ve got a menu where you can determine the different modes / waveforms of the output. Yes! These Rimba-people got it right; they learned that you shouldn’t be an engineer or need a university course in higher electrics to have fun with sex!But that’s not all: THIS BOX ALSO HAS AN ADAPTER FOR 220 V!!!!… So you can plug it into your mains and you NEVER run out of stupid batteries in the middle of the operation.UK-plug adapter included for our UK friends.It has four cables which end in 2 mm bananajacks so please do not forget to order the 2 to 4 mm banana-adapters if you wanna use toys with 4 mm connection.4.5 Volt with 3 AAA-batteries.